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Pavithra Andamada

I have been taking the counseling from past 2 weeks and I am thankful that I took this decision. Counsellor psychologist Mr.Sudarshan is kind and helpful. I was suffering with OCD and some illness which couldn’t be figured out in medical terms, since then I am on this counselling I have improved a lot and see positive changes in my mental and physical health. I always believed that a counselor is someone who show us the path to be capable of knowing the problem and help in finding a way to correct or modify ourself to fix it and he did beyond that. I am confident that upcoming days this counselling would help me to be stronger person to handle situations and life in better way. Kudos to Yogananda hospital for having such a facility. I suggest people to be more open to to visit counselling if required without hesitation once. I am sure it would be life changing choice.