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Your Mental Health & Wellbeing Partner

How can Manospandana be a mental health & wellbeing partner to me for individual counseling?

  • Individual Counseling at Manospandana is a safe and confidential environment where you are assured to get a non judgmental space, free from prejudices.
  • In this space you can express your thinking, feelings freely which you found it difficult to share with anyone else. 
  • Taking counseling can help you to take charge of life by understanding and modifying your thoughts, behaviours, learning life coping skills, enhancing self confidence, self image and self efficacy.
  • Individual interaction with your mental health partner helps you to manage different feelings like sadness, anxiety, fear, guilt, anger,  frustration etc.
  • Manospandana can facilitate you to overcome life inhibiting and blocking patterns.

When can I seek Manospandana for individual counseling?

  • When you are facing any of the symptoms or situations, but not limited to, anxiety, fear, mood fluctuations, life and work stressors, repeated interrupting thoughts, uncontrollable repeated actions, phobias (extreme fears), sexual problems, adjustment issues with your spouse or family or relatives or colleagues etc., struggling to focus on life goals, low in self image and confidence, inconsistencies in day to day life, etc.; then you can contact Manospandana. 

Do I need to visit the center to seek counseling help?

  • It is your choice. You can choose either online or face to face visit to Manospandana Mental Health & Well-being Center.