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I have been taking the counseling from past 2 weeks and I am thankful that I took this decision. Counsellor psychologist Mr.Sudarshan is kind and helpful. I was suffering with OCD and some illness which couldn't be figured out in medical terms, since then I am on this counselling I have improved a lot and see positive changes in my mental and physical health. I always believed that a counselor is someone who show us the path to be capable of knowing the problem and help in finding a way to correct or modify ourself to fix it and he did beyond that. I am confident that upcoming days this counselling would help me to be stronger person to handle situations and life in better way. Kudos to Yogananda hospital for having such a facility. I suggest people to be more open to to visit counselling if required without hesitation once. I am sure it would be life changing choice.

After the counseling sessions could learn new techniques to cope up With stress and anxiety.
Feel more aware of Situations and greatly helped to reduce Stress and deal with Everyday situations. Thanks

A counseling journey with Manospandana helped me a lot to come out of my fear and anxiety during Corona Pandemic (Covid -19). Now I can say it was not related to Covid but was connected to me as a person. Hence writing a detailed review. It might be lengthy, however I hope this might be useful to many to clarify their doubts. Even today I can recall, when I contacted Manospandana through google page in the beginning of June, how anxious and fearful I was. Psychologist of the center made me relax and gave space to express my concerns at the very beginning of the conversation. He explained how counseling and psychotherapy can help to address and manage my emotions. When he proposed for a 15 sessions of counseling over a period of 3 to 3.5 months, I questionned why it is necessary. He explained the need and potential benefits and give options to think and take a decision. Kept all options infront of me and left me to make decision. Now, as I am about to finish my last few sessions, I realized how powerful different tools and techniques proposed in the sessions. In brief, I learnt the connection between my thoughts, actions, feeling and biological changes. He taught transactional analysis (TA), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), tools to understand and manage our behavior, thoughts and feelings thus have some control on our brain chemical activity. Now I can confidently say I have a tools and skills to manage myself in different situations of life. I am more confident now. Though Practicing few techniques which needs a longer practice. Dear friends, any common man like us can approach counseling. In the beginning I felt am I mad to consult. Now understood any one can seek help when we find difficult manage ourself. I do say it is my life changing event. Feel free to contact psychologists. I am happy to recommend Manospandana and Sudarshan ( he taught me not address as Sir or Doctor and treated me as equal) to seek help related to emotional disturbances, negative thoughts management, tuning your behaviours achieve happiness in life. Thank you Manospandana and dear Sudarshan.

The sessions with Mr. Sudarshan Hegde has immensely helped me cope with the issues I had been facing. The sessions are extremely helpful to gain a perspective on how to handle everyday situations. All the tools and techniques discussed have helped me to analyse the situation and handle it in a better way. The sessions are completely non-judgemental which helped me to be completely open and I have got practical solutions for all the problems I had. It has been a really good experience and it has enabled me to gain confidence and lead life in a better way.