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Your Mental Health and Wellbeing Partner


I have more than 11 years of experience in the Mental Health Service field as a Psychotherapist, Counselor, Researcher, and leading a team of Counselors as a Supervisor.

 Opportunity to play these roles came from pioneer health institutes like 

  • National Institute of Mental Health Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)
  • St. Johns Research Institute
  • Yogananda Hospitals 
  • Manospandana Foundation.

All these roles added values to my experience. I consider each day as FRESH as well as each client as NEW PERSON who can add value to my learning curve and keen to add values to their life.

Life member of Counsellor Council of India (cci.org.in) (CRN2528850).  

Active member of  International Association of Applied Psychology (iaapsy.org)  (member ID 6003)

 Thank you for choosing Manospandana and Me to become your mental health and well-being partner.