Your mental Health & Well Being Partner

Your Mental Health & Well-being Partner

We Together Can Work For Your Better Tomorrow


Every one goes through tough phase in one or other part of their life phase. At that moment maintaining a mental balance is challenging. Manospandana come handy to maintain healthy mind during your challenging phase of life.

We provide all kinds psychological counseling for Individuals, couples, parents and family across the age. It is absolutely OK to seek or ask for help whenever you feel your emotions and thoughts are going out of control.

Getting thoughts to enhance life, in order to create healthy habits and coping mechanism, or in positive transitions of life like marriage, childbirth, job changes etc in which you are facing overwhelming emotions like anxiety, fear, discomfort, etc. are some common issues in which you may need help.

Your Mental Health & Well-being Partner

Before Choosing Know Your Mental Health Partner Better.

Every one has their own journey in life. Life has its own pace, space, phase and face. From mentally breaking down as a psychosis patient, to experiencing the family as a strong supporting system in journey of recovery, to being a psychologist to extend supporting hand; I have exposed to many phase and face of life, understood my own pace and space. I have learnt to accept the way I am, people are and situation is. Hope to extend my professional help for you too in order make your life journey smoother. I have more than 9 years of experience in Mental Health Service field as a Psychotherapist, Counselor, Researcher, Leading a team of Counselors as a Supervisor. Opportunity to play these roles came from the pioneer health institutes like National Institute of Mental Health Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), St. Johns Research Institute, Yogananda Hospitals and our own Manospandana Foundation. All these roles added values to my experience. I consider each day as Fresh as well as each client as new person who can add value to my learning curve and keen to add values to their life. Final satisfaction comes with both of these. Thank you for choosing Manospandana and me to become your mental health and well-being partner.

Chief Psychologist, M.Sc Psy., M.D.M

Mr. Sudarshan Hegde

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For Better Welness & Hope

What our Clients Say

We thank our clients for giving the opportunity to become their mental health and well-being partner and serve to our capacity. Clients feedback pushes us to serve more and more towards the mental health and well-being purpose. We are glad to receive the clients positive feedback also thank them for sharing their journey with Manospandana.